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Clinical Research Facilities

Clinical research is a broad term that can cover a vast array of research activities. It involves human subjects and helps to translate research findings from the laboratory into real world applications. It can refer to new drugs, new treatments or new medical devices, and can also include epidemiological and observational studies.

A Clinical Research Facility (CRF) provides the infrastructure, namely the experts, the physical space, and the support facilities, such as ICT and specialist nursing services, that are needed to carry out patient-focused research in a safe manner and an appropriate environment. A CRF helps to ensure that research is conducted to the highest scientific, safety and ethical standards.

It enables collaboration with researchers at other locations and the pooling of resources and data for increased power and accuracy. It also provides a place where industry and researchers can collaborate for maximum mutual benefit.

In 2013, there were more than 260 different research projects underway at the three HRB-funded CRFs. This figure has grown from 20 in 2009 when the first CRF began operations in Galway.

The HRB funds three CRFs across the country; one in Dublin, one in Galway and one in Cork, with the CRF in Dublin being funded in partnership with the Wellcome Trust.

These are very substantial awards, with total funding of €42.5 million over five years.

More information about each centre can be found at the links underneath and on the left-hand side menu of this page.

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