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The All-Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group (ICORG) is one of the activities funded under the Cancer Consortium. A major goal of the Cancer Consortium is to strengthen the capacity for cancer centres in Ireland and Northern Ireland to conduct cancer clinical trials, in order to: 

1) improve patients' access to new lifesaving therapies

2) build research excellence in the main treatment hospitals which improves the care for all patients

3) attract and retain world-class physicians.

ICORG was established with a view to creating more research opportunities for patients by putting a formal structure in place to make Ireland more attractive as a location to international cancer research groups and the pharmaceutical industry. In 2007, over 1,300 patients in Ireland took part in clinical trials or translational studies, supported with HRB funding of €4.6 million. ICORG collaborates closely with industry to ensure that research results reach all patients, and receives some co-funding from the Irish Cancer Society.


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