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Cancer Consortium

The Cancer Consortium was established in 1999 with a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministers for Health in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the USA. It establishes collaboration to:

  • Identify infrastructure improvements necessary for the island of Ireland;
  • Formalise and facilitate interactions among the United States, Ireland, and Northern Ireland cancer-control communities;
  • Develop joint programs that could enhance the environment for cancer control with the anticipated outcomes of improved prevention and cancer care; and
  • Develop educational exchange programmes for cancer-control personnel.


Acting on behalf of their respective ministries are the HRB, the R&D Office Belfast and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).


A number of activities have been developed under the Cancer Consortium. These include the All-Island Cooperative Oncology Research Group (ICORG), carrying out clinical trials in cancer, and a number of funding schemes drawing on NCI expertise and furthering North/South collaboration, such as the Health Economics Fellowships, Cancer Prevention Fellowships, Joint Research Projects in Cancer and the NCI summer curriculum.

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