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Research funding for global health projects

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Irish Aid and the HRB in 2005, Irish Aid provided funding to the HRB to announce a call for applications under a new Global Health Research Awards scheme. Applications were invited from senior researchers with a proven research track record in established Irish research institutions. Applications partnering with at least one research institution in a developing country were welcomed and were asked to demonstrate how the project:

  • was focused on a poverty-related disease(s),
  • was responsive to the needs of those in developing countries,
  • would contribute to building research capacity in the institutions of the developing country partners.

In 2006, of the 16 applications received, six projects received funding at a cost of almost €2 million. In 2007, 14 applications were received and five applications were funded at a cost of just under €2 million.

In addition, to enable the brokering and development of partnerships between Irish researchers and their colleagues and key stakeholders in developing countries, Irish Aid provided funding to the HRB to develop a Global Health Networking Grant scheme. This funding allows researchers to travel and meet face to face with potential partners and to work out details of prospective research grant proposals. In the first call of this scheme in 2007, 11 networking grants were awarded.

Details of all successful applicants and projects funded to date through this innovative HRB/Irish Aid collaboration can be found through the following link:

Global Health Projects Funded 2006-2007

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