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Information Systems

In recent years the Health research Board has invested over €4 million to support 20 health information systems projects in relation to health and social care. The objective of this investment was to ensure that robust health information systems are in place to provide a strong foundation for future research and development projects in the health care setting.

It is important that information systems are planned and developed with research in mind and that dialogue is encouraged between service providers, researchers and systems developers. This HRB initiative encouraged the adoption of innovative technologies in the health and social care area and where possible encouraged an all-island approach to systems development.

Examples of some of the 'projects' funded by the HRB include

  • Health Atlas Ireland,
  • All-Ireland Public Health Observatory
  • development of an electronic patient record system for patients with epilepsy at Beaumont Hospital.

Brief details of the 20 projects funded through this investment can be found with the following link:

Health Information Systems projects.

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