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Capacity Building

The HRB provides a series of personal awards or fellowships and funds research infrastructure to support capacity development in Ireland. The purpose of the HRB capacity development strategy is to build and support a skilled workforce capable of advancing high quality research with the aim of maintaining and improving health within a knowledge-based health service.

Investment in fellowships and research infrastructure requires a large degree of cross reference and integration. The HRB funds doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships across a broad range of health-related disciplines and specific advanced level awards such as the clinician scientist awards. In addition, the HRB regularly assesses the research landscape in Ireland to identify roadblocks and this has led to the development of an innovative programme of investment in research infrastructure to underpin capability building and to address specific weaknesses in the system. The HRB has:

  • Lead the development of new models for PhD training in Ireland through its PhD Scholars Programmes
  • Established a clinical trials infrastructure and set up unique training opportunities through the Cancer Consortium
  • Provided large-scale investment for research in biological imaging
  • Supported Information Systems for research and development in the health services

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