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Costs allowable by HRB for research involving animals

In order to continue to support high-quality applied biomedical and clinical research the HRB allows the following direct costs in the use of laboratory animals in all funding schemes including fellowships where they can be directly attributed to the project: 

  •  cost of purchasing, transport or disposal of animals, 
  •  cost of in-house breeding as alternative to the procurement of animals,
  •  cost of animal maintenance as a per diem cost.  This per diem cost should include feeding, nesting, husbandry and welfare costs directly associated with maintaining the animal as opposed to maintaining the animal facility.

The budget should include separate lines for:

  • Purchasing, transport, disposal and breeding of animals costs
  • Consumables, to include all consumables and administrative costs
  • Animal Maintenance, to include fixed per diem cost for animal maintenance. 

The maximum HRB allowable per diem rates for the maintenance of the most common strains of small animals are: mice (€0.50), other laboratory rodents (€1) and rabbits (€2) All per diem rates are inclusive of VAT.

Maintenance costs for research involving large animals or other types of small animals must be agreed on a case-by-case basis. The HRB reserves the right to review and challenge the costing methodology used by the Host Institutions to calculate animal costs applied for on all HRB grants.

Valid for any new funding calls opening from July 2012.

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