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Policies and Position Statements

The HRB is continually working to bring its policies and procedures in line with international best practice.

In this section you can learn more about the policies and positions of the HRB.  Grantholders should read these documents in conjunction with the Grant Conditions and the Award Letter.

Appeals Procedure

Policy on appealing funding decisions made by the HRB.

Approval of Host Institutions

Policy on approving a Host Institution to which responsibility for overseeing Grant is awarded. 


Guidelines for determining authorship of publications emerging from HRB-funded research. 

Co-Funding Partner Approval Policy

Policy for MRCG / HRB Joint Funding Scheme - Co-Funding Partner(s).

Conflict of Interest

Policy for HRB-staff on disclosure and management of conflicts of interest.

Data Protection/ Health Information

Discussion papers on Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and on proposed Health Information Bill.

Dealing with alleged misconduct in HRB Grant applications

Policy for handling alleged research misconduct in HRB funding process.

Gender Policy

Policy for gender equality for HRB-funded researchers.

Good Research Practice

Guidelines on standards for HRB-funded researchers.

Grant Amendments

Policy on the deferral of the Commencement date of a grant, suspension of a grant for a fixed period and extension of an active grant (at no cost to the HRB) for a fixed period.

Host Institution Handling of Allegations of Research Misconduct

Guidelines on adhering to the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of HRB-funded research.

IP Management

Guidelines on Intellectual Property management for HRB-funded research.

No-cost extensions

Policy on extending the end date of an active grant at no-cost to the HRB.

Open Access to Research Publications

Position statement on unrestricted access to the published output of HRB-funded research

Payment of Social Benefits

Policy on the payment of maternity leave, paternity leave, adoptive leave and paid sick leave.

Reallocation of Grant Budget

Policy on reallocation of funding between expenditure categories within the direct costs of an award.

Research ethics

Policies on use of human subjects and use of animals in research

Tobacco funding

Policy on eligibility of researchers in receipt of financial support from tobacco companies.

Transfer of Awards

Policy on facilitating the transfer of an Award to another Host Institution

Usage of Research Overheads

Policy of contributing to indirect costs associated with HRB-funded research

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