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Available Schemes

Important points to note about the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership:

The following Wellcome Trust grant schemes are covered by the partnership agreement.

  1. Collaborative awards
  2. Seed Awards
  3. Investigator Awards
  4. Principal Research Fellowships
  5. Senior Research Fellowships in Clinical Science
  6. Senior Research Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
  7. Intermediate Clinical Fellowships
  8. Research Career Development Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
  9. Research Training Fellowships for Medical, Dental & Veterinary Graduates
  10. Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships 
  11. Career Re-entry Fellowships
  12. Postdoctoral Training Fellowship for Clinician Scientists
  13. Enhancement Funding
  14. Clinical Research Career Development Fellowships

Detailed information for each scheme is provided on the Trust's website.

Applications should be made directly to the Wellcome Trust. All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Trust for advice in advance of submission. The Trust will be responsible for the application assessment process and the final funding decision, liaising with the SFI and HRB at each stage.

Because of their size and strategic importance to SFI and the HRB, prospective applicants for Principal Research Fellows (PRFs) must first liaise with SFI and the HRB and provide an expression of interest to SFI and the HRB (as per instructions from SFI and the HRB). Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact SFI or the HRB to discuss potential applications in advance of submitting an expression of interest to the PRFs. In addition, applicants are advised to consult with the Trust at an early stage of the process for informal advice.

Grant applications made to the Trust for this scheme must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from SFI and the HRB. The decision to provide a letter of endorsement rests with SFI and the HRB and will be final.

The Wellcome Trust will manage successful applications for the duration of the award. Successful applicants must adhere to the terms and conditions associated with awards from the Wellcome Trust.

Research funded under the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership must not comprise any component of the following:

  1. Research intended to create human embryos solely for the purpose of research or for the purpose of stem cell procurement, including by means of somatic cell nuclear transfer
  2. Research using human embryonic stem cells or tissues

The Trust may be willing to fund such research outside the partnership agreement. If you wish to apply for funding for this purpose, please contact the Trust for advice. 

The Wellcome Trust may also be willing to consider applications from the Republic of Ireland for other grant schemes. The partnership agreement will not apply in these circumstances and funding would be provided in full by the Trust. If you wish to apply for a funding scheme not covered by the partnership agreement, please contact the Trust for advice.

Funding schemes not covered by the partnership agreement but open to applications from the Republic include but are not limited to;

  • Welcome Trust and NIH Four-year PhD Studentships
  • Biomedical Vacation Scholarships

Funding in the areas of technology transfer and medical humanities will not be considered under the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership. The Wellcome Trust may be willing to consider such applications outside the partnership agreement. A number of funding opportunities in the areas of public engagement and society and ethics are available to applicants form the Republic of Ireland.

Please refer to eligibility information for the relevant grant scheme on the Trusts website, or contact the Trust for advice.

Queries about Ireland's participation in this scheme & requests for endorsement should be directed to contact(at)

Grant-specific queries, should be directed to the Wellcome Trust's grants helpdesk: sciencegrants(at), tel: 00 44 (0)207 6115757.

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