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SFI - HRB - Wellcome Biomedical Research Partnership

The vision of the Wellcome (formerly The Wellcome Trust), the UK-based global charity, is to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. This is accomplished through a broad range of funding schemes in support of outstanding researchers and innovative research programmes in biomedical and clinical research and the medical humanities in the UK and overseas, including the Republic of Ireland.

Commencing October 2010 the Wellcome, in partnership with SFI and the HRB, will fund biomedical research in the Republic of Ireland under the auspices of the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Biomedical Research Partnership.

In line with their strategic research agendas, SFI and the HRB will co-fund with the Wellcome successful applications under the following Wellcome funding schemes:

  • Investigator Awards and Fellowships
  • Principal Research Fellowships (PRFs)

The Wellcome will facilitate the peer review and evaluation processes for applications made under this Partnership.

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