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MRCG/HRB funding scheme

The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG) was founded in 1998 with the aim of supporting charities in Ireland to increase both the quality and quantity of healthcare research being done in Ireland. The MRCG supports medical research and patient-support charities.

Since 2006, the MRCG and the HRB have operated a joint funding scheme based on the dedicated allocation of funding to the HRB by the Department of Health and Children for this purpose. As of 2013 the level of funding is currently at €900,000 per annum, and 82 projects have been jointly funded by member charities and the HRB.

This innovative joint funding scheme allows members of the MRCG to support research of particular interest to specific patient populations, where they might otherwise not be in a position to finance the full cost of that research. Furthermore, while no differentiation is made between charities or disease areas, the scheme has been particularly beneficial for rare diseases where research being undertaken internationally may be limited and where charities wishing to contribute to the research agenda need to fund research projects led from outside Ireland.

The partnership with the HRB helps build capacity in Irish research charities and ensures that all elements of their research processes are to the highest standards of best international practices.

This scheme provides funding for clearly defined research projects in disease areas of strategic relevance to each individual charity. MRCG/HRB awards will be up to a maximum total award value of €300,000 for projects from 12 up to 36 months.

Calls will be announced on our grants page ( Those interested in this scheme should contact the MRCG for further information. As calls are announced, applicants should contact the designated contact point at the respective charity.  

Further details:

Please contact Marie Downes at the MRCG.

Phone: +353 1 479 3234

MRCG website:

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