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Joint Programme : A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (Expressions of interest to participate in the DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub)
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
6 November 2012
Closing Date:
20 December 2012

Under the auspices of the European Joint Programme entitled 'A Healthy Diet for Healthy Life' (JPI HDHL), expert research groups across Europe are invited to participate in a Knowledge Hub to advance a research agenda in relation to Determinants of Dietary and Physical Activity (DEDIPAC). It is anticipated that the DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub will boost transnational cooperation, multi-and inter-disciplinary collaboration among research communities and shape a joint research agenda for the years ahead.

Ireland, with the involvement and support of the HRB, has agreed to provide funding for a small number of researchers from Ireland to participate in the DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub throughout 2013. A Call Document is provided below and details the objectives of DEDIPAC, who should apply, how to apply and the process and timelines for applying to participate in the Hub.

There is a central JPI HDHL online application form that you have to complete and the link for registering to access the application form can be found at:-

The deadline for submission of your expression of interest is December 20th 2012, and you will be informed of the outcome of the selection process during January 2013.

Once individuals are confirmed as 'selected', they will be contacted by the HRB with details of the arrangements for reimbursing DEDIPAC-related expenses and they will be contacted by the JPI HDHL team with details of the first networking meeting (Note- The first key networking meeting of the DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub is scheduled for March 7/8 2013, and not February as stated in the Call Document).

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