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HRB Grants and Fellowships

Notice of new HRB online grant application and management system
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
5 September 2012
Closing Date:
17 October 2012

The HRB is installing a new online grant application system to replace the old system which was known as e-grants.

The new system called GEMS which stands for Grants Electronic Management System is expected to go fully live on the 18th October 2012.

All queries relating to GEMS should be directed to

This new system will enable online submission of relevant grant documentation over the lifetime of a grant, from application stage, to annual, interim and end of grant reporting.

We hope it will offer an improved facility to all of our customers.

In the coming weeks we will issue guidance on the changes and how they will impact on grant management process that you would have completed in the past.

In addition, we will issue technical guidelines and will host a webinar on how to use GEMS. These will be circulated through the research offices in the institutions and available on the HRB website.

Contact: Jean Cuffe

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