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HRB Grants and Fellowships

HRB Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Awards 2012
Training / Career Development
Opening Date:
13 December 2011
Closing Date:
14 March 2012

This innovative postdoctoral fellowship scheme by the HRB is aimed at building and attracting capacity into population health and health services research and, through a team-based approach, will enable the development of partnerships between researchers, practitioners and decision makers in policy and health service delivery. The ICE Awards initiative is a strategic initiative to address gaps in capacity, build on existing investment, strength and capabilities and encourage partnership and collaboration between the population health research and health services research communities and clinical researchers.  Applicant teams must be interdisciplinary in nature to ensure that fellows receive appropriate training and mentoring in contextual, methodological and other issues related to their work and they develop skills and competencies required for successful interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral research in population health and health services research.     

Who should apply?

The initiative takes a team-based interdisciplinary approach whereby existing teams or newly formed teams of senior established researchers come together to apply for one to three postdoctoral fellows to join their team to add value through expertise and insight.  Interdisciplinary teams under this scheme is a group of researchers from a variety of disciplines working collaboratively on projects that fall within population health or health services research.  Interdisciplinary teams can apply seek funding for early postdoctoral trainees, for Research Fellows or for Senior Research Fellows.   

What does the award include?

The ICE Awards are primarily development and training awards to attract, engage and mentor postdoctoral researchers.  As such funds will be used to provide support for postdoctoral researchers with a small yearly running cost allowance.  Postdoctoral fellowships can be held on a full-time or part-time basis.  Allowable costs include salary support for postdoctoral fellows, training and development allowance, research experience allowance, dissemination and knowledge exchange costs and the yearly running cost allowance.

How are applications submitted?

Applications must be made online using the HRB eGrants System.

When is the deadline for application?

Full and complete applications must be submitted by 13.00 on 14 March 2012. 

Further important information is available in the Guidelines document below.

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