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HRB Grants and Fellowships

HRB Internship Programme 2017 Round 2
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
5 September 2017
Closing Date:
26 September 2017

The Health Research Board (HRB) is committed to building capacity in health research, and to encouraging and supporting early and mid-stage researchers to develop their careers. Our Internship Programme gives researchers who have recently earned a PhD or an MSc an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of working in a State agency alongside experienced professionals. Please note that some eligibility criteria have changed from previous calls.

Details of this scheme

The duration of a HRB Internship is 24 months.

HRB Interns rotate between the Research Strategy and Funding Directorate and the Health Information and Evidence Directorate, spending one year in each Directorate. Interns have an opportunity to experience each business area. They enhance their understanding of research governance and policy issues in areas such as ethics, data management, public and patient involvement, intellectual property, and research prioritisation. Each rotation includes a communications project. Interns are exposed to:

  • The way funding decisions are made and the critical success factors involved in securing funding

  • How calls are developed and best practice peer review processes

  • Factors involved in grant monitoring and evaluation

  • The research governance and policy environment in which national and international research operates

  • How health information is collected, collated and analysed

  • The process for designing and conducting evidence synthesis and reviews

  • How evidence can be effectively used to inform policy and drive the development of new and existing services.

For detailed roles and responsibilities, please refer to the guidelines.

The Internship Award includes salary and related costs (PRSI and employer’s pension contribution) and an overhead contribution (25%). Salary costs will be paid at the appropriate point on the Irish Universities Association’s Researcher Salary Scale (Level 2 in year 1 of the HRB Internship Programme and Level 3 in year 2 of the Programme).

Who can apply?                 

Ideally, applicants will have a keen interest in health research and will be familiar with the HRB and its core functions. Applicants should have the following attributes:

  • Good communication skills

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Attention to detail

  • The ability to work well in an office environment, as part of a team and under their own initiative

The HRB Internship Programme is targeted at researchers with a degree in a health-related area who have recently earned, or will shortly earn, a higher degree (MSc, PhD). They should not have earned their higher degree more than 36 months before applying for the Internship Programme. Candidates who have completed their research for a higher degree, but have not yet graduated, may apply for the Internship if they have successfully conducted their viva examination.

Applicants must have been funded through a peer-reviewed grant from the HRB or other funding agency within the previous 30 months. Applicants may be currently working in a host institution, or they may have reached a natural break in their career.

Candidates must be available to take up the Internship by 8 January 2018. Previous HRB Interns are not eligible to apply. Applicants must have the support of a host institution. See for a list of approved HRB host institutions and details of the HRB’s host institution policy. Prospective applicants are advised to contact a host institution for guidance.

How to apply

Please complete the signature form (Appendix 2), and submit it along with a curriculum vitae and cover letter addressed to the HR Officer at the HRB. The CV and cover letter should emphasise relevant qualifications, skills, current employment status, career plans and interests. Applications should indicate an available start date.

These documents should be submitted by email to internship(at) no later than 3pm on 26 September 2017. Applications will be shortlisted by the HRB and applicants will be notified in early October 2017. Interviews are expected to take place during week beginning 9 October 2017, and a decision will be announced in early November 2017.


1.     Signature Form: Must be signed by the Vice President, Research in a host institution

2.   Applicant CV

3.   Cover letter

Contact us

Louise Sherry

HR Officer

Email: internship(at)

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