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HRB Grants and Fellowships

Research Visits – Ulysses 2017
Training / Career Development
Opening Date:
16 May 2017
Closing Date:
22 September 2017

The Health Research Board (HRB) is partnering with the Irish Research Council's (IRC) Ulysses travel grant to fund a number of research visits to France in the areas of patient orientated research, population health or health services research.

The immediate aim of the "Ulysses" scheme is to foster new collaborations between researchers in Ireland and French by funding reciprocal travel visits between two research groups over the course of one year. The longer term goal is to establish lasting professional networks of researchers and institutes. The programme provides ‘seed-funding’ to begin collaboration. Successful applicants are encouraged to develop their collaboration post-Ulysses by seeking large-scale funding from other sources.

Support is provided for short visits to partner institutions and covers travel and subsistence costs.

In Ireland, Ulysses is funded by the IRC, and the HRB, and administered by the IRC. It is funded by MAE (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and administered by the Embassy of France in Ireland and Campus France, the leading French agency for international mobility, on the French side. The award made by each agency is up to a maximum of €2,500 to cover travel and living expenses.

The IRC will fund applications across all fields of research. Proposals concerning patient oriented research, population health or health services research will be processed by the IRC and funded by the HRB. The HRB is providing funding of €5,000 which will fund two Irish researchers to go to France and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will fund the reciprocal visits to Ireland.

An application form submitted by the Irish research partner(s) to the IRC must be matched by an application form submitted by the French research partner(s) to Campus France, otherwise it will not be considered.

Who should apply?

Eligible Irish partner(s) include academic researchers in a third level institution or publicly funded research institution. However, applications must be submitted by a person authorised by their institution to hold responsibility for research grants.

Application Procedure:

Applications from the Irish partner should be submitted to the IRC; all applications from the French partner should be submitted to Campus France.

The application form must be accompanied by a description of the project (2 pages maximum – excluding references) covering the following headings, where relevant:

  • Research aims and objectives
  • Proposed methodology
  • Research plan including a schedule for the completion of tasks/phases of the project
  • Reason for collaboration and complementary team requirements
  • Equipment available for the project where appropriate (in both Ireland and France)
  • Recent significant publications regarding the mutual research project (5 maximum)
  • Contribution to training and career development of early stage researchers (i.e. postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers).


N.B. The project description should be written for a general scientific audience.

The deadline for submission of completed applications to the IRC is Friday 22nd September 2017 at midday.

Contact: Leonora Harty, Irish Research Council, e-mail info(at)

An application form and full details of the call can be found on the IRC website link.

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