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Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDA) in Patient-focused Research 2018
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
18 April 2017
Closing Date:
28 June 2017


The HRB has identified the training, career development and support of exceptional researchers, talent and leadership as one of the key enablers to deliver the main objectives of the HRB Strategy 2016-2020 Research. Evidence. Action.  In line with its strategic objectives and the HRB Health Research Careers framework and action plan, the HRB is now inviting applications to the Collaborative Doctoral Awards in Patient-focused Research 2018.

The overarching aim of this call is to support excellent doctoral training programmes for future health researchers in the conduct of patient-focused research, which will ensure the expertise to advance, apply and transfer knowledge from clinical research into clinical application. Ultimately, a cadre of health researchers trained in this way will create tangible impacts on patient health and patient care. This initiative aims to train doctoral level health and social care professionals and health-related researchers in different disciplines (e.g. health economic, bioinformatics, biostatistics, epidemiology, etc.) as relevant to the objectives of the call and the overarching thematic area to be proposed in the overall programme.

Each Collaborative Doctoral Award will provide funding with a maximum value of €1.5m for 5 years by supporting the training and the research projects of a cohort of three to five trainees for 4 years. It is currently envisaged that up to three awards will be made in this round.

Who should apply?

Applications to host a CDA should be made by a newly formed or existing consortium which must involve collaborations among health researchers, health and social care professionals and/or innovators and/or other experts (the Partners) in order to combine the best resources, knowledge and expertise and provide research and professional training as well as guidance, supervision and mentoring during the research projects.

The Lead Applicant (Programme Director), who will lead the consortium and the doctoral programme, must be a health and social care professional (with a joint or full academic appointment) or a health research investigator.

The consortium must

  • Contain the necessary breadth and depth of research and/or professional expertise.
  • Have appropriate cross-disciplinary and/or cross-border and/or inter-sectoral approaches to break down the discipline, professional and sectorial barriers in research, preferably including international collaborations.
  • Show a strong public and/or patient and/or other relevant stakeholder involvement.


Please read the Guidance notes carefully for further eligibility requirements and criteria relating to Lead Applicant and the Partners.

Pre-Application Submission and Deadline:

The Collaborative Doctoral Awards scheme will use a two-stage application process consisting of:

  1. Open call for Pre-application stage.
  2. Invitation of selected applicants to submit a Full Application.

Pre-Applications must be completed and submitted through the HRB online Grant E-Management System (GEMS) ( and this system will close automatically on Wednesday 28 June 2017 at 13:00. The pre-application form will focus on (1) the full details of the consortium and (2) a case for the chosen research thematic area and the need for such a doctoral programme.

Prior to final submission to the HRB, all applications must first be reviewed and approved within GEMS by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) at the Host Institution. It is critical therefore that Lead Applicants leave sufficient time in the process for the Research Office (or equivalent) in their nominated Host Institution to review, seek clarifications and approve applications prior to the final submission date. This may involve being aware of and complying with any internal Host Institution deadlines for review and approval, distinct from the HRB deadline.


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