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JPI MYBL Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2017) for “Ageing and Place in a digitising world”
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
11 January 2017
Closing Date:
3 April 2017
Application Restrictions:


The Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “More Years, Better Lives – The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change” seeks to enhance coordination and collaboration between European and national research programmes related to demographic change.

Areas affected by demographic change cover a wide range of research fields and policy topics ranging from health to social welfare, education & learning, work & productivity to housing, urban & rural development and mobility. The JPI “More Years, Better Lives” therefore follows a transnational, multi-disciplinary approach bringing together different research programmes and researchers from various disciplines in order to provide solutions for the upcoming challenges and make use of the potential of societal change in Europe.

As part of this implementation plan, on January 11 2017 JPI MYBL launched a joint transnational call between 10 countries, including Ireland, to support innovative, transnational and interdisciplinary projects that investigate the potential of technology, place and learning in relation with the older population.

Applications are invited from collaborative consortia of researchers from a minimum of three different countries participating in this call. Irish participants in successful consortia to the “Ageing and place in a digitizing world” call will be funded through the Health Research Board (HRB), to a maximum of €370,000. The call will be conducted simultaneously by the participating funding organisations in their respective countries and coordinated centrally, with a single proposal submission and peer review system.



The 2017 call “Ageing and place in a digitising world” is concerned with the ways in which the health and wellbeing of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the social and physical environment, access to opportunities to learn, and the use of technologies of all kinds. The objective of the call is to support innovative, transnational and interdisciplinary projects that investigate the potential of technology, place and learning in relation with the older population.


Full details of the scope of the call can be found in the call text, accessible from the call website.



The total fund for this call is over €5m (for all participating countries). The funding available for successful bids involving research carried out in Ireland will be a maximum of €370,000 over 36 months. The maximum amount that funders in each country will contribute for successful consortia can be found on this webpage


Who should apply?

Only research groups from Ireland working in a recognized research institution are eligible for HRB funding in this call. Only joint transnational research projects will be funded. Each proposal must involve groups from at least three different countries participating in this call. For full details on who can apply applicants will need to review the call text and the country-specific requirements on the following website:


Application procedure

Applications must be submitted via the electronic submission system via the following site The submission deadline is 03 April 2017 (16:00 GMT).

Full details on the call for proposals, including scope of the call, evaluation process, eligible costs, and participating countries are available on the call website.

Please bear in mind that costing of finances in proposals may have to be signed off by the host institution's administrative department. Please allow sufficient time for these additional processes. Any late applications will be rejected.

  • Whilst applications will be submitted jointly by groups from different countries, individual research groups in successful projects will be funded by the individual JPND funding organisation(s) respective of their country.
  • Proposals from Irish institutions that include human Embryonic Stem Cell research will be deemed ineligible
  • The maximum funding for successful partner(s) from Ireland in this call is €370,000



  • The submission deadline in 03 April 2017 (16:00 GMT). Applications will not be accepted after this time.
  • Funding is anticipated to start from late 2017/early 2018


Where can you get more information about this call?

Full details on the call are available through the call website. For general enquiries contact the Joint Call Secretariat, whose contact details are listed on that page.

Applicants from Ireland who still have questions after reading the information on the Call website can contact Dr Ellen Moran at the HRB.

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