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HRB Grants and Fellowships

National Children’s Hospital Foundation / Health Research Board Funding Scheme 2017
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
24 October 2016
Closing Date:
5 December 2016

****UPDATE: FAQ updated on 10 Nov in relation to intervention studies. Please download from link at bottom of page *****

The HRB is running a call for research proposals on behalf of and in partnership with the National Children’s Hospital Foundation. The NCHF/HRB Funding Scheme aims to fund researchers and research teams to conduct excellent and innovative research in areas aligned with objectives of the National Children’s Hospital which demonstrates relevance for the patients of the hospital as well as to the national child population. The focus should be to improve health outcomes as well as to deliver benefits and improvements to the lives of children and their families in Ireland.

In line with objectives of the scheme, proposals for paediatric research will be invited in clinical, population health research or health services research. Paediatric research includes children up to 16 years of age, including neonates.

This call will support three projects funded by the National Children’s Hospital Foundation. Each award will be up to a maximum value of €300,000 for projects from 24 up to 36 months.

This scheme provides funding for clearly defined research projects in areas of strategic relevance to the National Children’s Hospital.

Proposals addressing the following are particularly welcome:

  • Children’s, families’ and carers’ experience of healthcare provision/access, as well as means to improve the patient/carer experience
  • Delivery and organisation of care between hospital and primary care
  • Models of paediatric care involving multiple sites, in particular transition periods of service reconfiguration 
  • The effects of childhood illness on the child and their family including research on possible supports
  • Impact of neurological disorders on normal child development
  • Epidemiology of childhood conditions
  • Population-level preventive approaches for conditions arising from behavioural/lifestyle factors such as obesity

The Lead Applicant (LA) must demonstrate that they have the skills, knowledge and supports necessary to direct the proposed research and to be actively engaged in carrying the research through to completion. Applicants must demonstrate clearly that the research team contains the necessary breadth and depth of expertise in all the methodological areas required in the development and delivery of the proposed project. Please refer to the Guidance notes for further Lead Applicant requirements and eligibility criteria. Please note that only one application per Lead Applicant to this scheme will be considered. 


Submission and Deadline:

HRB is administering the call on behalf of the NCHF. All applications must be made online using HRB GEMS.

The deadline for submission of complete applications to the HRB is Monday 5th December 2016 at 13:00.

Prior to final submission to the HRB, all applications must first be reviewed and approved within GEMS by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) at the Host Institution. It is critical therefore that Lead Applicants leave sufficient time in the process for the Research Office (or equivalent) in their nominated Host Institution to review, seek clarifications and approve applications prior to the final submission date. This may involve being aware of and complying with any internal Host Institution deadlines for review and approval, distinct from the NCHF/HRB deadline.

The HRB and NCHF are committed to an open and competitive process underpinned by international peer review. Following an initial eligibility check applications will be sent to international experts for analysis and comment. A grant selection panel will then be established to consider applications and the associated comments of the peer reviewers with a view to making final recommendations to the Boards of the HRB and NCHF.

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