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HRB Grants and Fellowships

Applied Partnership Awards (APA) 2016
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
16 March 2016
Closing Date:
1 September 2016
Application Restrictions:

Update August 2016 - Please note the Guidance notes have been updated on page 23 in relation to salary increases

This is a rolling call. Please note there will be two separate peer review cycles in 2016

Cycle 1 Call closes: 6 May 2016 @ 1pm

Cycle 2 Call closes: 1 September 2016 @ 1pm

The HRB now wish to open a competitive call for the HRB Applied Partnership Awards.  The overarching aim of the Applied Partnership Awards is to support high quality applied research projects where academic researchers and knowledge users come together in a collaboration to focus on themes/questions which are determined by the documented needs of the Irish health and social care system.

Aligned with the objectives set out in the HRB Strategy, this scheme will support high quality research proposals in clinical and/or population health practice and/or for health services management that are relevant to health priorities in Ireland. The awards will provide support for applied research proposals of between 12-24 months duration and where the findings from the research will have a direct impact on the decision making of the knowledge user’s organisation/s. The proposed research should be explicitly linked to the documented evidence needs of the knowledge user organisation/s and it must be clear from the application how the knowledge user/s is integrated throughout the research process. The question/s must be able to be answered by the research partnership and the application should include a clear and concise knowledge translation plan that will highlight how the research findings will be applied by the knowledge user organization/s.

For applications to be eligible in this scheme a co-funding commitment is required from the knowledge user organisation/s.  The level of the co-funding commitment must be at least equivalent to a minimum of 20% of the total award grant requested from the HRB  and the co-funding counted for this purpose must reflect a cash contribution only (higher and/or additional in-kind contributions are encouraged and welcome).

Who should apply?

Applications should be made on behalf of a team which is made up of researchers and knowledge users. The applicant team should designate a Lead Applicant from the research team, and a Lead Applicant from the Knowledge User team. While we acknowledge that there are many individuals in Knowledge User organisations that are also experienced researchers, it is important in this scheme that there are two distinct Lead Applicants.

Submission and Deadline:

Rolling Call:

These awards will be issued under a rolling call.  The call will open on March 16 2016 and applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year until September 2016.  To date the HRB has not issued a rolling call, however given the need for this initiative to be timely and responsive to knowledge users’ needs we will pilot this as a rolling call in 2016.  Applications can be made at any time following the start date in March 2016 and there will be two distinct cycles for peer-review (as below).  This is to allow researchers and partner organisations to develop timely collaborations, yet have the flexibility to submit to either the first or the second peer review cycle. 

Peer review cycle 1 – June – August 2016

Peer review cycle 2 – October – December 2016 

All applications must be made online using the HRB GEMS.

A 15-minute webinar about the call is available at this link:

Slides from the webinar are available in the 'Related Documents' section below.

Prior to final submission to the HRB, all applications must first be reviewed and approved within GEMS by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) at the Host Institution (see Appendix II of Guidance Notes). It is critical therefore that Lead Applicants leave sufficient time in the process for the Research Office (or equivalent) in their nominated Host Institution to review, seek clarifications and approve applications prior to the final submission date. This may involve being aware of and complying with any internal Host Institution deadlines for review and approval, distinct from the HRB deadline.

The HRB is committed to an open and competitive process underpinned by international peer review. Following an initial eligibility check applications will be sent to international experts for analysis and comment. Grant selection Panels will then be established to consider applications and the associated comments of the peer reviewers with a view to making final recommendations to the Board of the HRB.

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