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JPND Call for Working Groups for Harmonisation and Alignment in Brain Imaging methods for Neurodegeneration
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
14 January 2016
Closing Date:
10 March 2016


Ireland is currently participating in the Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND). As a trans-national 30-member state initiative, JPND is the largest global research initiative aimed at tackling the challenge of neurodegenerative disease. The initiative aims to take a more coordinated and coherent approach to funding research that will tackle a range of age-related neurodegenerative diseases, and has agreed a long term Research Strategy comprising basic, clinical and social and healthcare research priorities which is currently being implemented.

As part of this implementation plan, on January 8 2016 JPND launched a rapid-action call for leading scientists in the field to establish working groups to bring forward novel approaches to enhance the use of brain imaging for neurodegenerative disease research

Imaging techniques such as MR, PET and EEG mapping have brought about a dramatic improvement in the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. In recent years, access to cutting-edge imaging technologies and platforms has expanded, and advances have been made in the harmonisation of acquisition procedures across scanners and vendors. However, fully capitalising on the use of brain imaging technologies for neurodegeneration research will require the development of new methodologies and the ability to achieve image acquisition and analysis at scale and at the global level.

JPND has decided that such issues can be progressed most effectively through assembling motivated groups of leading experts in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. Accordingly, the purpose of the call is to establish a limited number of transnational working groups to address the key challenges facing the use of new and innovative brain imaging techniques in neurodegenerative disease research.

The call will be conducted simultaneously by the participating funding organisations in their respective countries and coordinated centrally, with a single proposal submission and peer review system.


The aim of the call is to establish a limited number of JPND-sponsored expert Working Groups to address issues of key relevance for the future use of brain imaging techniques in neurodegenerative disease research.

The working groups must address innovative and new ideas within the area of brain imaging. The working groups will be community-led and will establish ‘best practice’ guidelines and/or methodological frameworks to overcome barriers regarding the use of brain imaging in ND research. The call is not intended to support direct research studies. Supported groups will provide outputs within a 9 month timeframe that will be of value to the broader ND research community with the possibility for the country funding agencies to approve an extension of up to 12 months in total. These will be made available through the JPND website. Guidelines will be used for further JPND actions.

Full details of the scope of the call, including examples of areas to be considered, can be found in the call text accessible from the following link ( ).


Each Working Group can bid up to 50,000 € for support of its activities, which are expected to run for a maximum of 9 months with the possibility for the country funding agencies to approve an extension of up to 12 months in total.

Funding will cover the costs of meetings and travel required to deliver the Working Groups' objectives. It is expected the budget will allow for two small workshops, with further work to be undertaken through email, tele-, video- or web-conferencing.

The call is not intended to support direct research studies.

Who should apply?

Applications are to be led by a coordinator from an eligible institution within one of the participating JPND member countries. As of Jan 8 2016, 12 JPND member countries are contributing funding to this call.  The Health Research Board (HRB) are supporting participation in this call, therefore applicants from Ireland may coordinate a bid. Where the Working Group coordinator is from Ireland, the applicant should be based at a recognized HRB Host Institution.

Only trans-national research groups will be funded. To qualify for funding, each proposal must involve research experts from three or more of the 30 JPND countries.

Working Group contributors are permitted to be members of Working Groups in more than one proposal. However, individuals may not act as the Coordinator for more than one proposal.

For full details on eligibility applicants will need to review the details including the call text on the following website:

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted by the coordinator in electronic format no later than 23:59h C.E.T. (22:59 GMT) on March 10, 2016 via the electronic submission system ( ). No other means of submission will be accepted. The proposal template is available through the JPND website ( The call is a single stage application.   

Full details on the call for proposals, including scope of the call, evaluation process, eligible costs and participating countries are available on the JPND call website. 

Coordinators from Ireland will be required to provide additional information to the HRB at the time of the application submission deadline. This will include justification of their requested budget. A template requesting the information required from coordinators from Ireland will be provided by the HRB.

Please bear in mind that costing of finances in proposals may have to be signed off by the host institution's administrative department. Please allow sufficient time for these additional processes. Any late applications will be rejected.


  • Closing date for submissions is 22:59 on 10 March 2016 (GMT). Applications will not be accepted after this time.
  • Funding is anticipated to start from late 2016/early 2017

Where can you get more information about this call?

Full details on the call are available through the call website ( For general enquiries contact the Joint Call Secretariat, whose contact details are listed on that page.

Applicants from Ireland who still have questions after reading the information on the Call website can contact Dr Caitriona Creely at HRB.

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