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HRB Grants and Fellowships

Research Leaders Awards 2015
Training / Career Development
Opening Date:
16 October 2014
Closing Date:
31 March 2015

The HRB identified as one of its key goals the need to build capacity to conduct high quality Population Health and Health Services Research (PHHSR) in Ireland. 

This included an urgent need to invest in senior academic research leaders in PHHSR, working in close collaboration with key clinicians and health managers engaged in policy and/or practice. To address this gap, the HRB initiated the first of two calls for the Research Leaders Awards (RLA) in 2013 and now wish to announce the second call.  

Higher Education Institutions in Ireland, along with partner organisations in health and social care, are invited to nominate outstanding individuals with a track record in PH/HSR to become HRB Research Leaders.

Who should apply?
  • In line with the aims and remit of this scheme, access to the application form is restricted. Prior to accessing and completing an application form, the Higher Education Institution (HEI) making the application for an award must first contact the Health Research Board and provide the name and contact details of the Research Leader/s that they are nominating.  The Health Research Board will then provide access to the application form for the nominated candidate (the Principal Investigator for that award) and for an agreed authorized individual from the nominating Higher Education Institution (as a co-applicant). Applicants are strongly recommended to read the ‘Detailed guidance notes for applicants’, appended to this document prior to completing the application form.
  • All applications must involve a partnership with at least one health-related partner organisation involved in the delivery of health and social care and/or health and social care policy. Applications should be aligned with the strategic plans of the nominating organisations, and should reflect national priorities and strategies in health and social care.
Nominated individuals: 
  • must have an outstanding record in population health and/or health services research and its effective translation for improved health;
  • may come from a clinical or a non-clinical background and may be currently based within or outside of Ireland;
  • will be expected to lead research in their area of expertise, contribute to building research capacity, and develop partnerships with key clinicians and health managers to translate research evidence into policy and practice.  
What does the award include?

Each Research Leader Award consists of a contribution to salary support for the nominee up to the grade of Associate Professor, an attractive discretionary research support package of up to €600,000 over the period of the award, and a contribution to overhead expenses.

Duration of the award:

The award may be held for a maximum of five years. The application must be accompanied by a letter of support indicating that the nominating institution is committed, in principle, to supporting the continuation of the post once the HRB funding elapses.

Submission and deadline:

All applications must be made online using the HRB GEMS. (A link to GEMS is below.) To access the application form the nominating Higher Education Institution must provide the HRB with the contact details of their nominated Principal Investigator.  The HRB will then invite the nominated candidate to initiate the application form.  

The deadline for submission of complete applications to the HRB is 31 March 2015 at 13.00.

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