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HRB Grants and Fellowships

HRB Clinical Trials Networks 2014
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
3 December 2013
Closing Date:
7 March 2014

*** 28 February 2014*** Updated Frequently Asked Questions document  available to download on this page.


The HRB is now inviting expressions of interest for HRB Clinical Trials Networks. HRB Clinical Trials Networks will support thematic groups of clinician investigators and health researchers to coalesce around and jointly deliver on a common research agenda to be addressed by multi-centre clinical trials. Awards will fund the delivery of multi-centre clinical trials in selected health themes across Ireland with high health, scientific, societal and economic impact with the aim of building a track record for the Networks, making them more competitive in future calls by the HRB and other funders nationally and internationally. HRB Clinical Trials Networks will support the formation and development of network activities and research strategies to facilitate the conduct of multi-centre clinical trials for a period of up to five years.

HRB Clinical Trials Networks must:

  • Impact on patient needs and/or health care,
  • Be of high scientific merit, and demonstrate outstanding research quality and innovation, intellectual breadth and expertise,
  • Exhibit active collaboration at a national level with strong links and connections internationally, and
  • Be able to work towards self sustainability.

Who should apply?

The HRB Clinical Trials Networks scheme is open to groups of clinician investigators and health researchers. Pre-existing groups or a collection of investigators assembled for the purpose of submitting a proposal to this call should apply as the Network Applicant Group. In the Network Applicant Group the Lead Applicant is defined as the clinician investigator nominated as the Network Clinical Lead on the proposal.  Co-Applicants have a well-defined, critical and substantial role in terms of assisting the Lead Applicant with the leadership and management of the proposed Network. The number of Co-Applicants involved will depend on the scale and nature of the clinical trial network.

Any Network Applicant Group must encompass the necessary depth in scientific expertise, geographic cover and access to relevant patient populations required for their specific thematic area relative to the scale and scope of the proposed Network.

The Lead Applicant and Co-Applicants must come from a variety of different centres. A network requires investigators from three or more centres to be eligible to apply. The appropriate number of centres involved will depend on the thematic area and the scale and nature of the proposed Clinical Trial Network.

What is the value of the award?

The maximum award size will be €2.5 million for each Network.

How can one apply?

The Clinical Trials Networks scheme will use a two stage application process consisting of:

  • Stage 1: Open call for Pre Proposals
  • Stage 2: Invitation to selected applicants to submit full proposals.


Applications must be made online through the HRB GEMS online system.

Any queries about GEMS during the application process should be emailed to the GEMS helpdesk at gemshelp(at)

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications must be submitted on the new HRB GEMS system. The deadline for the submission of Pre Proposals is 7 March 2014 at 13.00. (Please refer to the Guidance Notes and the HRB website for further details on the GEMS system.)

Please read the Applicant Guidance Notes for full details on the call.

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