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Medical Education Research Grant: pre-call anouncement
Project / Programme grants
Opening Date:
29 May 2013
Closing Date:
23 June 2013
Application Restrictions:

Applications should be made by a Principal Investigator from a recognised research institution in the Republic of Ireland and applicant teams must involve collaborations with organisations who are involved in medical education and training in Ireland (most notably bodies approved by the Medical Council under Part 10 of the Medical Practitioners Act for the purposes of education and training).


Pre-call announcement.

Medical Council, HSE-MET and HRB to launch new Medical Education Research Grant.

Call Opening: Monday 24 June 2013.
Call Closing: Monday 16 September 2013.

(Please note that the dates 29 May and 24 June in the short view of this notice refer only to the length of time that this pre-call notice will appear on the site. The live call itself will be online from 24 June to 16 September.)

Background to the call.

The health system in Ireland is embarking on the most ambitious and challenging programme of reform in the history of the State. Human resources are key determinants of health service performance, and for Ireland, as for any health system, the success of the current programme for health system reform will be critically dependent on a set of coherent and coordinated strategic policies which are designed to develop a fit-for-purpose health workforce.  In Ireland, the policy on the medical workforce has been set out by the Fotrell and Buttimer Reports (Department of Health and Children, 2006).  

The Medical Council, HSE-Medical Education and Training Unit (HSE-MET) and the Health Research Board have embarked on a strategic partnership to support high quality research in Ireland relevant to the field of medical education and training.

The Medical Council and HSE-MET are key organisations in taking forward national policy regarding the medical workforce and have recently strengthened cooperation and collaboration under a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of both strengthening the evidence base for development of the medical workforce in Ireland and building capacity of bodies involved in education and training. The HRB has unique experience and expertise in reviewing and managing research awards to ensure that the research meets the needs of policy makers and adds value to the overall health system.  

Some specifics of the call.

A single award will be made in 2013, and depending on the success of the initiative, the sponsoring partners will explore establishing an on-going arrangement. The award will be made for a project which will last a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months, up to a maximum award value of €150,000 inclusive of overheads.

The sponsoring partners have identified themes/topics but proposals outside of these areas will also be considered, where justified:

  • Teaching and learning medical professionalism in a changing health system;
  • Developing and assuring quality of assessment in medical education and training to ensure fit-for-purpose doctors;
  • Planning and managing the learning environment to meet the needs of student, the public and the wider health system;
  • Outcome-based medical education and training for 21st century health needs;
  • Past formal medical education and training: ensuring doctors remain fit-for-purpose through their careers.  

The application process will be managed by the HRB and will involve competition and peer review. It is expected that successful applicants will be informed during November 2013.

Detailed Guidance Notes and an application form will be made available by the HRB on the call opening date, shown below.

Call Opening: Monday 24 June 2013.

Call Closing: Monday 16 September 2013.

HRB contact: Annalisa Montesanti: t + 353 1 2345208 e


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