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Funding award

Biomarker discovery in Hepatitis C infection
Lead Researcher:
Pro John Crowe
Award Date:
30 September 2009
Host Institution:
Mater Misericordiae Hospital
Health Research Award

The cohort of Irish women infected with HCV contaminated anti-D represents one of the great failures of our health system. This recognition has helped focus researchers and clinicians alike on understanding and improving therapies for HCV patients worldwide. Studies that emerge for this cohort are eagerly awaited on the world stage placing funded Irish studies in a unique potential position for enormous international recognition. By utilising the internally unique advantages provided by the tragic infection of homogenous cohort of women with HCV contaminated anti-D, this project is likely to identify biomarkers using the latest serum detection technology, that will allow for better the development of better diagnostic or prognostic relationships for HCV patients in general thus improving patient healthcare.

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