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Funding award

Exploring Mental Health Service Users - Experiences of Going Home from Hospital: A Grounded Theory Study.
Lead Researcher:
Mr Brian Keogh
Award Date:
30 September 2009
Host Institution:
Trinity College Dublin
Research Training Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals

The overall aim of this study is to develop a theory that helps psychiatric nurses and other people working in the area of mental health to understand what it is like for service users when they are discharged from hospital. Many people who are discharged from hospital end up being readmitted and other researchers have suggested that this can have a negative impact on the individuals' independence as well as increasing their dependence on the hospital. This makes going home from hospital, for some people, more difficult. If mental health professionals have a better understanding of what it is like for people when they are discharged from hospital then they will be better equipped to prepare them for discharge when they are admitted to hospital. As well as this nurses and other people who work in the community, will be in a better position to help and support people when they come home from hospital.

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