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Research fellowships for the therapy professions

What were the objectives of these awards?

The purpose of this scheme was to provide an opportunity for experienced therapy professionals to conduct research in Ireland, leading to a postgraduate degree at masters or doctoral level. The objective of the  research conducted was the identification of findings which can impact on therapy practice.

Eligibility criteria:

Applications were eligible from the following six professional groups ONLY:

Dietetics/Clinical Nutrition
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy

Applicants had to demonstrate that they have the necessary qualification (or equivalent) in one of the professions listed above; must have practised as a therapist for at least five years if applying for funding to undertake a PhD and for at least three years if applying to undertake a masters degree; must have been employed in a post in or related to therapy practice in the Irish health services or an appropriate Irish academic department within two years of the closing date of application; must be registered with an appropriate Irish academic institution for the postgraduate degree and have the support of an academic sponsor and a suitably qualified therapy practitioner.

 Grant Holders    2008

 Grant Holders    2006

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