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Programme grants

Scope: The purpose of these awards is to enable researchers to establish and support teams working full time on extensive or long-term research projects. A programme grant may address a single theme or a series of related themes, but the research must be relevant to health and social gain.

Eligible principal applicants for HRB Programme Grants must:

  • Hold a post in an established academic research centre (i.e. a university, a teaching / research hospital, a research institute, or an institute of technology);
  • Have an outstanding track record in research. Only applicants who can demonstrate an outstanding international track record in research are likely to be short-listed.
  • Have at least five years research experience.

Demonstrate how the research programme complements the research strategy of their institution.

Co-applicants for HRB Programme Grants may come from a wider range of backgrounds but must also have an established track record in research.  A maximum of three co-applicants per application is permitted. Co-applicants may come from an academic research centre in Northern Ireland


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