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Grant conditions

Download General Terms & Conditions for Research Awards

The HRB Grant Conditions form part of each contract, click on the link below for a template contract incorporating the HRB’s most recent grant conditions.

HRB Research Grant Conditions

In 2014 the General Terms and Conditions of Research Awards were incorporated into each award contract. The resulting changes to a contract were primarily cosmetic, with minor changes to the content of grant conditions including updates to clauses on Intellectual Property and Open Access to reflect National Policy, together with clauses previously contained in Special Terms being incorporated into General Terms and Conditions (e.g. Schedule 2, clause 5.1). 

The grant Terms and Conditions detail the conditions under which a grant is awarded. The HRB's General Terms and Conditions (T&C) for Research Awards form part of a legal contract between the Health Research Board and the Host Institution and should be read in conjunction with any Special Terms and Conditions included in a contract, these will explicitly address any specific additional terms and conditions.

These General T&C are intended to ensure that the:
grants are spent for the purpose for which they were requested;
HRB is informed promptly of any significant changes in the research being supported and permission is sought where necessary;
HRB receives a proper account of the outcomes of the project.

Please note that the General T&C are regularly reviewed by the HRB and any updates are communicated to Host Institutions. If you would like further details regarding recent changes please contact hrbgrants(at)

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