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Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation

The Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation (SSTI) was published by the Government in 2006 and sets out for the first time a wide ranging national strategy for research across all areas. The key actions identified for health under the SSTI include:

  1. Develop health research as a frontline health service to guarantee world class health care for patients and to attract and retain health professionals of the highest quality
  2. Build a strong research culture in the health services through targeted investments, on the basis of competition and peer review, and by a strong corporate commitment to research by the HSE and other health agencies
  3. Support the R&D pillar of the health research strategy (MKWH) to ensure that the crucial 'population health' element of the Health Strategy has a sound research base to underpin appropriate disease prevention measures, redress social inequalities in health status and to ensure best practice in health service delivery and policy development
  4. Develop a number of centres of world significance in translational health research with strong foundations in both academia and the health services and which will act as a magnet to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, nationally and internationally. Build these centres through strategic investment in research infrastructure, people and programmes by competitive, peer reviewed awards through the HRB and other funding agencies
  5. Maintain the confidence of the public in health research by observing the highest ethical standards in research and provide for greater public engagement in relation to the benefits of health research and the complexities of undertaking such research

The SSTI also aims to double the number of PhD graduates by 2013 and to enhance postgraduate skills through graduate schools mechanisms. The HRB is contributing to this objective through targeted investment in structured PhD Scholar?s Programmes.

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