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Successful FP7 Projects

We have compiled a number of success stories from the Health area of FP7 that outline the positive outcome of participating in EU research. Irish researchers have enjoyed considerable success in FP7 health. To the end of FP7 (2007-2013) over €80 million has been secured and 29 Irish led proposals have been funded.

Here are some examples below.

Professor Louise Kenny from UCC is leading the IMPROvED project, worth almost €6 million, which will develop a blood test for first time mothers in early pregnancy to determine their risk of pre-eclampsia.

A project to develop a bioartificial organ for the repair of spinal cord injuries (NeuroGraft), is being led by Professor Abhay Pandit of NUI Galway. The project involves five partners across Europe (four industrial partners, three of which are SMEs) and is worth €4.2 million.

In the following pages we profile in detail four HRB-funded researchers who have been successful in FP7, one of whom is very experienced in FP7; Professor William Gallagher and the other three are first time coordinators, Professor Geraldine Boylan, Professor Anne MacFarlane and Professor Brian Lawlor.

A detailed list of successful coordinators and partners funded under FP7 Health from 2007 to 2013 is available in the following document.

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