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ERA-NET Actions

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ERANET Actions are intended to increase collaboration and coordination of national and regional research. To this end a number of activities relating to coordination between funding agencies in different Member States are funded by the European Commission.



Essentially research councils and other national research funding agencies in Europe can apply for funds to collaborate in developing "best practice" for administration of research grant applications and, eventually, to make joint calls for proposals. The financial support from the Community will be limited to the costs of the co-ordination and management activities undertaken to implement the ERA-NET. No support will be provided for the research activities themselves (i.e. the research itself will be funded from national or regional sources).


In ERANET Actions the participants are Research Programme Owners (ministries) and Programme Managers (funding agencies) in Member States and Associated Countries, i.e. researchers do not participate. In order for the HRB to become involved in an ERA-NET, the research area should be one where it is of strategic interest to become involved.


For more information on ERA-NETs, or to advise of an ERA-NET which may be important for Ireland in the future, please contact Kay Duggan-Walls kdugganwalls(at)


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