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Recommended EU Funding Priorities for 2016-2017

2014 EU Commission Consultation

The EU Commission has invited contributions on the preparation of the Health, demographic change and wellbeing 2016-2017 work programme.  

The basis for this consultation is the report provided by the Horizon 2020 Health Expert Advisory Group, one of the key sources of advice on the implementation of Horizon 2020.  This report gives recommendations towards defining strategic priorities for the 2016-2017 Work Programme. It has identified eight main challenges:

  1. Ageing at large
  2. Personalized medicine
  3. ICT for health
  4. Population health and health promotion
  5. Infectious diseases
  6. Early development
  7. Sustainable health and care systems, and
  8. Environment and health challenge.

It has also given advice on the potential for innovation/ SME involvement, cross-cutting and interdisciplinary activities, research ethics for data collection and management, and opportunities for international cooperation.

Providing input

There are two different ways to respond to this consultation, aligned to the two Directorates that work together under the Health area (DG RTD and DG Connect):

The deadline for this consultation is the 20 September 2014.  This consultation does not represent any commitment by the EU Commission to transpose all received inputs into the final outcome.

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