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Picture of Health story

Caring for patients good for the carer too.

10 November 2009

Research findings from A Picture of Health 2009 show that caring for others can have health benefits.

Contrary to the widely held view that providing informal care for a patient may be detrimental to the carer?s health, a new study shows that it can have positive aspects. Carers have lower mortality levels, and this holds true for both men and women, irrespective of age, and even if they are ill themselves.

According to Dr Michael Rosato, based in the Centre for Public Health at Queen?s University Belfast, caring for someone who is ill gives the carer a sense of importance as ?they are grounded in the world through a sense of responsibility?. Dr Rosato is one of a group of researchers who recently carried out an investigation into the health of carers as part of a Health Research Board-funded Fellowship study.

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