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A Picture of Health 2012

Front cover of A Picture of Health 2012

The outcomes from 92 HRB grants that ended during 2012 included:

  • 17 new products and interventions in development.
  • 58 influences on policy and practice.
  • 1317 patients participating in cancer clinical studies.
  • 256 new national or international collaborations.
  • 113 research-related jobs across the health services and academia.
  • More than €14 million leveraged in additional research funding for Ireland.
  • 38 PhD students trained across a variety of health disciplines.

Some selected stories are listed below. The publication Picture of Health 2012 can be downloaded at this link.

Defibrilatos in General Practice save lives

4 December 2012

In Ireland, an estimated 3-5,000 people die each year from sudden cardiac events some of which might not be fatal if they were treated in time. But many more of those lives could be saved if all GPs are equipped and trained to...[more]

Resistance needed for antibiotic misuse

4 December 2012

Do prescribing habits really have an effect on the rise of antibiotic resistance? A HRB-funded study in the west of Ireland shows that many antibiotics are prescribed inappropriately, and highlights a link between the...[more]

Switching on to assistive technology

4 December 2012

For people with high-level spinal cord injuries and paralysis, seemingly everyday tasks like turning on a light, changing the TV channel or making a phone call become a challenge. [more]

Towards a universal flu vaccine

4 December 2012

Every flu season, we get a new flu vaccine. Why? Because the predominant flu virus that circulates is likely to have ?changed its coat?, and vaccines from previous years won?t give us enough protection. And if a pandemic flu...[more]

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