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A Picture of Health 2011

The Picture of Health 2011 presents a snap shot of some of the HRB-funded research projects that ended in 2010. A total of 105 HRB grants were completed that year, resulting in:

  • 105 new international collaborations.
  • 669 patients enrolled on cancer clinical trials across 14 hospitals.
  • 18 new products and interventions in development.
  • 38 PhD students trained across many health disciplines.
  • 59 influences on policy and practice.
  • Leverage of over ?11m in additional research funding.

Our funded research programmes saw the active involvement of dentists, doctors, midwives, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, statisticians, and others in Irish health research, alongside the more traditional academic researchers, with the ultimate aim of delivering new and improved health products, services, policies and practices over the coming years.

A Picture of Health 2011 is available to download directly at the end of this page.  Some sample stories are shown below with further information also available from the press release which will be issued circa 1000hrs.

New Technology to deliver inhaled genetic therapies effectively in lung disease

1 December 2011

Drug-delivery technology developed by Health Research Board-funded researchers[more]

Brush your teeth to protect your heart

1 December 2011

Researchers identify how bacteria can increase heart attack and stroke risk if they infect bloodstream[more]

Health Research Board-funded study identifies stigma faced by people hospitalised for mental illness

1 December 2011

People who spend time in hospital for mental illness need better preparation before discharge to help them cope with negative attitudes [more]

Risk of foetal growth problems detectable in mother?s blood in early pregnancy

1 December 2009

Health Research Board-funded scientist finds warning signals in bloodstream during early pregnancy[more]

Health Research Board-funded study identifies approaches to control high blood pressure in community based care

1 December 2006

Patient self-management and organised follow up can help reduce high blood pressure [more]

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