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A Picture of Health 2010

The Picture of Health is all about the positive impacts and outcomes from HRB funded research.  In 2009, more than 200 researchers in 10 hospitals and 10 third level instituitions completed 111 research grants.  This work resulted in

  • Eight patents, and eight patent applications
  • 18 new treatments and technologies emerging from the research
  • 57 different types of new evidence for health policy and practice
  • 45 PhDs
  • 85 new clinical trials

A snapshot of this research is captured in the full publication of 'A Picture of Health 2010' (which is also available to download directly at the end of this page).  Some sample stories are shown below with more information available from the press release.

Cheese and yogurt could defeat hospital superbugs

7 December 2010

Bacteria that ferment food can protect against MRSA and other superbugs.[more]

Better prescriping for patient safety

7 December 2010

A new system stands to reduce the prescription of unnecessary, or potentially harmful, drugs to older people when admitted to hospital, thereby improving patient safety and substantially reducing prescription costs.[more]

Managing warfarin yourself

7 December 2010

A trial of people who are on the blood-thinning medication warfarin shows that patients who self-monitor their blood clotting ability, using an Internet-based expert system, have better outcomes than patients in routine care.[more]

Take control of your diabetes

7 December 2010

Tackling negative perceptions about Type 2 diabetes can encourage patients to change their approach to taking care of themselves and improve specific health outcomes.[more]

New device targets cancer tumours

7 December 2010

Early stage colon, stomach and throat cancers could be treated directly using a new medical device that applies a brief electric pulse to the tumour.[more]

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