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A Picture of Health 2009

Front cover of A Picture of Health 2009

With stories from over 45 researchers at nine universities, eight hospitals and four research institutes, A Picture of Health 2009, illustrates how Irish health research:-

  • Enhances Irish and international health care services
  • Helps to develop better national health policies
  • Can generate cost savings and efficiencies in delivering health care
  • Contributes to the Irish economy

The full report can be downloaded below.  You can read more information in the Picture of Health 2009 press release.  Some stories from this year include;

New therapy developed in Ireland offers hope for cancer patients worldwide

10 November 2009

Research highlighted in A Picture of Health 2009 offers hope of better treatments for gastrointestinal cancers.[more]

Treatment of MRSA moves a step closer as potential for vaccine identified

10 November 2009

In a story from 'A Picture of Health 2009' HRB researchers are moving closer to a a vaccine for MRSA.[more]

Supermarket stock control systems show hospitals how to save blood supplies.

10 November 2009

A story from 'A Picture of Health 2009' illustrates how ideas used by supermarkets led to improvements in blood stock controls.[more]

Not all terminally ill people want to die at home.

10 November 2009

New Health Research Board (HRB) research challenges the assumption that terminally ill patients would prefer to die at home.[more]

Caring for patients good for the carer too.

10 November 2009

Research findings from A Picture of Health 2009 show that caring for others can have health benefits.[more]

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