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Evaluating Funding Schemes and Fields

The HRB seeks to improve people's health by funding high-quality research relevant to health. To that end, the HRB operate a variety of funding schemes that support health-based research programmes, that build research capacity by supporting researchers' career development, that facilitate research by providing vital research infrastructure and that build critical mass by linking networks of researchers. It is imperative that the HRB measure the extent to which its portfolio of funding, now in the region of €185 million, is achieving these strategic objectives and that the funding schemes are delivering the intended benefits and effects in the most cost-effective way. Additionally, as the HRB is funded by the taxpayer, there is an added onus on us to account to government and the public for the funds we allocate and the returns of the research we support. There is also the need to continuously improve our service and to inform the design of new funding initiatives with objective and relevant evidence. All of these key requirements are fulfilled by the HRB through a systematic approach to evaluation that is based on the application of standardised frameworks and methodologies, described in this section along with some examples of their application to recent evaluations.

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