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Research Strategy & Funding

Welcome to the Research Strategy and Funding Directorate

The Research Strategy and Funding Directorate manages all aspects of the HRB’s extramural research activities. This involves;

  • funding high quality, innovative health research,
  • supporting people at different stages of their careers,
  • working with the health system and other stakeholders to promote the application of research to policy and practice,
  • encouraging national and international linkages, and
  • building a supportive environment for health research.

The Directorate allocates approximately €35 million a year to research in our universities and health system, and manages an awards portfolio in the region of €150 million.

The HRB's Strategy 2016-2020 sets out our objectives over the next five years and describes the actions we will take to achieve them. In particular, we will continue to focus our funding on those areas and activities with the greatest potential to bring benefits to people, at the same time recognising that, as the lead agency for health research in Ireland, we have a responsibility to invest in the future.

Our Staff page contains contact details, along with information about our structure and who looks after the various aspects of our activities.

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