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Research Strategy & Funding

Welcome to the Research Strategy and Funding Directorate

This directorate manages all aspects of HRB funded research activities.  In accordance with the HRB Strategic Business Plan 2010-2014, the HRB will continue to support research of the highest quality and excellence.

During the lifetime of this plan we will gradually concentrate resources into research that offers the most potential for translation into impacts and benefits for peoples health.

Into the future our investment will increasingly focus on patient-oriented research, clinical, including applied biomedical research, as well as health services and population health sciences research. Our aim is to speed up the translation of research discoveries into real benefits for patients and the public, closing the gap between research outcomes and their application in policy and practice. We propose to fund the development of the infrastructure to support health research, and in doing so, introduce coherence to the oversight, management and development of research within the Irish health system.

The HRB Strategic Business Plan sets out two main goals in this regard:

  1. Driving the development of excellent clinical research, including applied biomedical research, within a coherent health research system.
  2. Building capacity to conduct high-quality population health sciences research and health services research.