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HRB National Drugs Library launches new website

30 June 2017

The HRB National Drugs Library is a free, open-access resource providing a collection of Irish and international research evidence relating to drug and alcohol misuse. You can access our newly redesigned website at

The site has three main sections, along with an online course directory which lists training programmes on drug misuse for individuals and agencies interested in developing their knowledge, skills and capacity in the area.

The Key Irish Data section draws together the latest information on the Irish situation, including treatment, prevalence and deaths data, factsheets, key reports and newsletters.

The Practitioner Portal makes it easier for those working in the drugs and alcohol area to find publications of particular interest to them.  You can access pages by profession or subject of interest.

The third section of our new website, Research Evidence, reflects the need for practitioners, policy makers and researchers to access key international reports, guidelines and resources. We have also added a glossary and resources for undertaking and critically appraising research.

Our aim is to enable those involved in health and social care, education, and research to make evidence-informed decisions. Our website provides quick and easy access to the latest best evidence on drugs and alcohol.

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