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CERVIVA - turning research knowledge into action

28 February 2017

Speaker videos are now available from the HRB-sponsored Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) national awareness symposium that was recently organised by CERVIVA.

Dr Aoife Cahill, HRB

'We have supported the CERVIVA Programme for a long time now’, says Dr Aoife Cahill from the HRB. 'This symposium was really great at showcasing how much has been achieved. There was a fantastic panel of speakers. And, importantly, you could see that the audience was a real mix of researchers, clinicians as well those responsible for delivering services.

'Taking research knowledge and ensuring it is applied in policy or practice is exactly what our Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination award scheme is all about. The CERVIVA team are genuinely linked with the HSE's Cervical Screening Programme, and they bring research right to the heart of service planning and delivery'.

If you couldn't attend on the day itself, the speaker presentations are now available to watch at the link below.

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