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Health data to inform services

29 November 2016

'Health data, like this, has a crucial role to play in improving health care services. The NPSDD is unique in that it captures data not only on service use and need but on the lived experience of disability and this is a powerful tool to assist with the planning of health services in this area', said Graham Love, Chief Executive at the HRB.

He was commenting to mark the publication of the latest Annual Report of the National Physical and Sensory Disability Database Committee.

'Of more than 9,000 people asked about their participation in everyday living, the most commonly experienced difficulties were the emotional effects of their physical/sensory disability'.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and technical aids are what people with physical and sensory disabilities need most to have fuller and more independent lives, according to the latest figures.

The full report along with infographics is available and free to download from the first link below.

You can read summary data from the report in the news story at the second link below.

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