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DASSL-ing Ireland as we prepare to make use of one of our greatest national assets, health data

29 November 2016

Earlier this year the HRB published the 'affectionately' named DASSL (Data Access, Storage, Sharing and Linkage) report. The report outlines the key elements required to create a robust data sharing and linkage environment in Ireland.

Our message was, or is, simple: Let's maximise the use of our national data assets.

This will enable the health research community, as well as the broader science, technology and innovation ecosystem, to use existing data to deliver benefits for the Irish people and to enhance delivery of our health and social care services.

To spread the message and stimulate debate we have gone on the road. There are video recordings from two of these events available on YouTube.

You can download the full DASSL report, or the Proposals for an Enabling Data Environment for Health and Related Research in Ireland, to give it its full title, and/or a short summary brochure from our website at:

Events that we have presented at include:

  • the 21st Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI) conference,
  • the National Statistics Board seminar on Data as a Public Policy issue,
  • the 3rd annual Frontiers in Healthcare Conference (Galway),
  • the Connect eHealth event in Maynooth.
  • We have even crossed the Irish sea to present at the 2016 International Population Data Linkage Conference held in Swansea, Wales.

If you have an interest in the area, Ros Moran, rmoran(at), would be very happy to hear from you.

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