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Irish health SME's leading in Europe

28 October 2016

Ireland has the highest success rate in the Horizon 2020 SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Instrument. €26.5 million secured in total with or €15.4 million (58%) going to health projects.

To date, there were a total of 10 awards made to Irish health related projects in this call. Radisens Diagnostics received the highest sum, €4.48m. Oncomark, a company founded by HRB-funded researcher, Prof William Gallagher (UCD), received €2.7 million.

Five of the awards were for seed funding (€50,000) to carry out feasibility studies which may form the basis of full-blown applications at a later stage. Full awards can range between €0.5 million and €5 million.

There are opportunities for third level researchers to work with SME's funded from this scheme, as the SME can outsource some of their research activities.

If you would like to know more about this instrument and how you might be able to tap into this funding resource, contact the HRB's National Contact Point for Health, Kay Duggan Walls e kdugganwalls(at) t 012345187 m 085 8868183.

Some further information on the SME Instrument success is available from a recent Enterprise Ireland press release.

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