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Caring for family with demenita

25 August 2016

Two short videos from the HRB KEDS award scheme provide practical advice and guidance for people caring for loved ones with dementia.

'The two short films, ‘Caring for carers’ and ‘Managing challenging behaviours’, remind dementia carers that looking after themselves is vitally important; far from being selfish, it is the sensible thing to do', says Dr Sabina Brennan, from Trinity College Dublin who produced the videos for the Alzheimer Society.

'While caring for a loved one with dementia can be a very positive and rewarding experience, it can also leave carers feeling stressed and isolated both of which can have negative impacts on health and well-being.

We hope that these short films will make people aware that doing something sociable like calling round to have a chat with a carer could really make a difference. There is a real need to develop support systems and interventions, not just for the person living with dementia, but also for their carers. The two-minute films are fun and entertaining to watch so we would like people of all ages will share them online with family and friends. 

These two new videos ( are additions to the collection of 10 videos released in 2014, which set out to allay fears about memory loss, promote brain health and tackle the stigma associated with dementia (

The specific challenges faced by people caring for a spouse or partner with dementia are currently being tracked in ‘DeStress’, a three-year research project at Trinity College Dublin, which is co-funded by the Health Research Board and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland'.

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