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Grant applications - August updates

25 August 2016

Information on applications in progress, new awards coming down the tracks, and currently open calls.

Applications currently being processed.

The recommendations of the review panels for;

  1. Cochrane Training Fellowships,
  2. Collaboration in Ireland for Clinical Effectiveness Review (CICER), and
  3. the first peer review cycle of the Applied Partnership Awards

will go to the HRB Board for approval on 17 September. Successful applicants can expect to hear from us soon after that.

Upcoming calls

The HRB are currently developing the following calls:

PPI IGNITE award which will open October/November 2017.  A consultation on the call principles for these awards remains open and can be accessed at:

Emerging Investigator Awards for Health (EIA) 2017. The scheme will be launched in the second part of September and applicants will have approximately 12 weeks to submit applications. Some preliminary information is available in a Pre call announcement document.

Calls currently open

Investigator Led Projects 2017: - Opens today and it has its own story in this ezine

Cancer Prevention Fellowship Programme  2016: - Closing date today (25 August 2016)

Applied Partnership Awards 2016: - Closing date 1 September 2016

Cancer Nursing Research - Project Development Grant 2016: - Closing date 2 September

US/Ireland R&D partnership Programme: - Rolling call

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