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Getting the most from Ireland's health data, safely

2 June 2016

The HRB has published a report outlining the infrastructure and services needed in Ireland to allow us to safely access, store, share and link data for research.

Dr Graham Love, Chief Executive at the HRB said,

‘Data is one of our most valuable national assets. However, we don’t use it to its full potential because we don’t have the right infrastructure or services in place to share, store or link it safely'.

Keynote speakers at the launch of the event included: -

Roaslyn Moran, Health Research Board who gave an overview of the HRB report and the proposed model for safe access, storage, sharing and linkage of data in Ireland.

Professor David Ford, Professor of Health Informatics in Swansea University, Wales, UK and Joint lead of the Health Information Research Unit for Wales (HIRU) and the SAIL Databank, who gave an overview of the Welsh experience in this area.

Dr Dermot O'Reilly, Clinical Senior Lecturer & Director of Administrative Data Research Centre - Northern Ireland, who outlined the experience and challenges of developing a successful Administrative Data Research Centre in Northern Ireland.

Responses to the report came from Muiris O Connor, Assistant Secretary with responsibility for International and Research Policy, Information, External ICT, at the Department of Health, and Dr Mary Fitzsimons, Principal Physicist, Beaumont Hospital and member of the Council of Clinical of Clinical Information Officers.

Slide decks from some of the main contributors and a link to the HRB report are available below.

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