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National Alcohol Diary Survey - data now online

1 March 2016

The dataset which contains data on the self-reported drinking habits of almost 6000 people is now available to view and research on the HRB National Drugs Library.

The National Alcohol Diary Survey estimated the personal consumption of, and expenditure on, alcohol among the general population aged 18-75 years living in private households in Ireland. The survey included a comprehensive series of questions on both the rates and patterns of alcohol consumption in Ireland and on alcohol-related harm, and it involved interviewing 5,991 respondents in 3,897 households.

The survey was completed between July and October 2013, and achieved a household response rate of 67.2% and a within-household response rate of 77.1%.

You can register to view the data (it takes about 30 second to complete the process) at

Further developments in our online resources will be notified in this ezine and in forthcoming issues of the HRB's Drugnet magazine.

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