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Tailored resource for practitioners in drugs and alcohol area

9 July 2015

Librarians in the HRB’s national drugs library, the National Documentation Centre on Drug Use (NDC), have developed a new resource to help practitioners find drug and alcohol research and evidence related to their work or profession with ease.

‘We know that practitioners in the alcohol and drugs area have limited time to keep up-to-date with research and evidence. Every year we add hundreds of new articles and reports to our library collection,’ says Mary Dunne, Information officer at the HRB. ‘We already produce a number of summarised aids, such as Drugnet Ireland, NDC newsletter, and factsheets to help relieve information overload. 

To develop our online service we have now streamlined links to research on a number of specific subject areas we know are of interest. These cover drug use, policy and law, prevention, health issues, social issues, crime, treatment and rehab as well as family and young people.’ 

Work is also underway to develop pages targeted for specific professions. Each of these pages list key documents and contains links to subjects of particular interest to that profession. Targeted pages for social work, social care and nurses and midwives are complete and we hope to add more professions in the near future. 

‘The resource includes a page called ‘doing research’. This has links to useful online tools that provide help on finding and using information for research. We are interested in collecting and making available local Irish drug or alcohol research done by those working in the area. If practitioners are doing any such research, even a small piece in their organisation, they can submit it to us at 

We would welcome feedback and recommendations for key documents, subject areas and anything else practitioners would like to see in their resource,’ says Mary. 

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